Python project organization, circa early 2015

The best, current guides I’ve found Python Packaging Authority’s tutorial and sample project Cookie Cutter project templating system, specifically cookiecutter-pypackage Open Sourcing a Python Project the Right Way, and Supercharge Your Python Developers by Jeff Knupp It’s hard to find current best practices for organizing a reusable python package. I’m starting a new project to get the world’s…More

Degrees of freedom: Four valid ways to write degrees Fahrenheit in HTML

I was working on my startup’s food safety score web app, writing code to clean up imported text like, DELI DISPLAY COOLER HOLDING CREAM CAKE AT 44.6F BUT LOWER CORNER OF UNIT HOLDING FOODS @ 39F We decided to make this as readable as possible without changing the content. And so, the finished text should have improved capitalization, punctuation,…More

Test Driven Devops

I like to apply Test Driven Development to my sysadmin work. For example, every time I add a new redirect to a web server configuration I want to make sure I haven’t broken anything else. Further, I want my SSL configurations proactively checked daily for any possible error. I use Ruby RSpec and write tests…More

Linode vs. DigitalOcean: back to Linode for me

DigitalOcean doesn’t give their first-line support people the necessary tools to diagnose their own system problems. And so a two-day outage becomes possible. The night before Christmas, I was scrambling to get my site back up On the afternoon of the 24th, my New Relic monitor told me that (now was offline. Ugh.…More

What’s not a violation of the Law of Demeter

The Law of Demeter: “Use only one dot”, or “an object should avoid invoking methods of a member object returned by another method.” But when would this not be a violation? Buried within a wiki page is this excellent exchange:More