Python vs. Haskell round 1: Test Output

The point goes to Haskell On the surface, it may sound silly to compare these two languages because they’re about opposite as you could get: Python is interpreted, dynamically typed, and slightly weakly typed as well. Haskell on the other hand, is compiled, statically and strongly typed. But they’re both open source, and they both…More

Goodbye “X for Y”: the cryptic Ruby error is becoming friendlier

Anyone who’s used Ruby has seen this message: r.rb:1:in `name’: wrong number of arguments (3 for 2) (ArgumentError) This particular error has been driving me nuts for years. It’s just so unnecessarily difficult to interpret — especially if Ruby’s not the only language you use. I never remember which number is which. Compare to Python: TypeError:…More

The problem with packaging in Python

Excellent article. We got to this situation because of the changing nature of writing software, and how we deploy. Our standards have risen, and packaging (and tooling in general) takes on ever greater importance. But we don’t have to theorize and invent paradigms from scratch. A few other languages have solved this. Ruby is the…More

Python project organization, circa early 2015

The best, current guides I’ve found Python Packaging Authority’s tutorial and sample project Cookie Cutter project templating system, specifically cookiecutter-pypackage Open Sourcing a Python Project the Right Way, and Supercharge Your Python Developers by Jeff Knupp It’s hard to find current best practices for organizing a reusable python package. I’m starting a new project to get the world’s…More