git commit –amend: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

For a lot of us, version control does two things which are contradictory:

  • it keeps checkpoints as we work so we can easily roll back, and
  • wraps up our work into a tidy package for others to use.

git commit --amend is one tool that solves this. It will “open up” the previous commit, adding staged files and allowing you to re-edit the commit message.

  1. Make your “checkpoint” commit, e.g. with a failing spec.
  2. Get your specs working again.
  3. Stage your changes like you normally would using git add.
  4. Instead of git commit, do git commit --amend.
  5. Edit the message to describe the feature. This will be the commit’s new message, and it will contain all the changes.

A related command: git rebase -i  (“interactive”). If you didn’t use --amend, you can go back and condense commits together as if you had. With this command, you can interactively rebase, using the “squash” command to combine multiple commits together.

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