Why "git" instead of "svn"?

As I learn git, I’m experiencing advantages that I haven’t seen described together. Also, I haven’t seen a description from the perspective of the real-world differences in your files, so here goes: Background context Subversion uses a single, central repository which is in a remote place. And in your project, it maintains .svn/ directories in every…More

Check your web server configuration with ruby test cases

I’m releasing a new open source library, HTTP-Assertions, that I use behind the scenes at OregonLaws.org.  It helps me keep the server running smoothly and make sure that my changes to the config files haven’t introduced new bugs. It introduces these new assert methods to the Rails testing environment: assert_200 assert_forbidden assert_temp_redirect_to assert_perm_redirect_to Here’s an…More

All an Internet scammer needs is a little therapy

I had just posted a laptop for sale on Craigslist and was immediately deluged with scammers trying to get me to ship it to Nigeria. This really intrigued me; is there a way to do something about it … that would, itself, be ethical? Or, not unethical? So for example, I really don’t want to…More

Software should cite its sources

The key idea: When a program gives some kind of result, it should be able to say how it came up with that answer – what rules did it apply, in what order, and why. If a reference was consulted, which one? Basically, software should be held to the same standards we have for people,…More