Speeding up my Mac: Web Browsers and the RAM They Use

If speed’s what we want, why test RAM usage? I’m interested in how all my apps perform, not just the web browser. The Mac is smart and will use every extra leftover bit of RAM to speed everything up. RAM in computers is like kitchen counter space: the more space you have, the less shuffling…More

Dorkboard and Arduino

Today on Reddit someone asked me what the differences are between Dorkboard and Arduino — why do I recommend that beginners should start with the latest Arduino board (currently the Uno)? Here’s what I wrote: Each has an LED hard-wired to pin 13 for basic testing. The Dorkboard, however, does it the opposite from Arduino:…More

App Review: Smurfs' Village — New Innovations in Money Extraction

An 8-year-old rang up $1,400 in charges (for “Smurfberries”) via the Smurfs’ Village iPhone game. The reporting focused on how such a thing could happen: Via a “15-minute loophole”? An older sister passing along the iTunes password? An 8-year-old not understanding real vs. game dollars? I decided to look at the design of the game…More

That one little confusing thing about the Git version control system

Git and github are awesome pieces of software. Last year, I happily switched from subversion to git just like, years ago, I switched from CVS to Subversion. Another evolutionary step. I use GitHub for lots of reasons. The biggest is that it’s the best front-end to git that I’ve found. And so now I use…More

Potential Trouble for Open Source Licenses: MDY v. Blizzard

A new decision was just published in MDY v. Blizzard (the makers of World of Warcraft): Decision (pdf), EFF Article One part of the holding isn’t surprising: Purchasers of WoW aren’t owners but rather licensees of the software. But the other part is much more interesting and I think it narrows the basis for the…More