Meteor Won’t Kill Rails Anytime Soon

This is in response to Why Meteor will kill Ruby on Rails. A pretty big claim, for sure. Now, Meteor is worth checking out, but Josh didn’t name any of the reasons why I and a whole lot of others choose Rails. So here we go. It was its built-in support for these got me interested: CRUD (Create /…More

Confessions of an Architecture Astronaut — Taking a Lesson from Napster

Twelve Years Later, Joel Spolsky’s early posts are still relevant. Browse through his posts circa 2001 and you’ll find a ton that are still amazingly relevant (and not just the Joel Test): Your typical architecture astronaut will take a fact like “Napster is a peer-to-peer service for downloading music” and ignore everything but the architecture,…More

AngularJS vs. Ember.js

I was on a complex AngularJS project and it felt more difficult than necessary. Here’s a write-up from a consultant’s point of view, to help answer the question: Which javascript framework should my organization invest in? AngularJS Pros 1. The ease of writing tests. There’s a big caveat, however: It’s necessary to write tests because the framework…More

Simple Tabs in AngularJS with AngularStrap

AngularStrap is a nice library for bringing Twitter Bootstrap into AngularJS. The idea is to make the Bootstrap features, like tabs, easy to use and control from Angular. However, AngularStrap documents the tab feature with an example that I don’t think I’ll be using too often: it stores the tabs’ html content in a variable,…More