Getting Baskerville on a website – price and licensing options

Web fonts are an interesting mix of technology and intellectual property licensing. I’m almost surprised that we, as a culture, have managed to pull it off, overcoming all the hurdles. But there are now several companies and methods to use typefaces on websites. I checked out the current options. I’ve been looking for a new…More

My Problem with Git: No Abstraction

Git is powerful, and Github is its killer app. I use them for all my projects. That being said, Git is more difficult than it ought to be, but until now I couldn’t put my finger on why I was doing some mundane Linux command line work when I had my flash of insight. I’ve…More

The Hidden Dangers of Beautiful Themes

Some of the best-designed and officially featured WordPress themes aren’t built to handle mid-volume traffic. Just one incoming link from a semi-popular page can take your server down. A New Blog for a Web App Everything started out smoothly. Like thousands of developers do every day, I set up a new WordPress installation to support…More

Amazon AWS in pictures: ec2 billing options

Today’s announcement adds to the alphabet soup of Amazon’s AWS offerings. Here’s my first draft at diagramming the billing side: I’m a fan of AWS, but there is definitely a steep learning curve to it. There are so many neologisms and so much complexity; it reminds me of Amazon’s Kindle offerings vs. the iPad.More

Identifying an Anonymous Blogger

An attorney friend asked me how to identify a blogger or possibly get their “ip address.” My answer: This is difficult to do, but it’s an interesting question. There are two main ways to write a blog: (a) at a blogging platform like, or (b) at a personal / corporate custom web site. The…More